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26 December 2010 @ 05:35 am
Ultimate Anime List  

Last Updated:
01/24/11 - Posted "Koihime†Musou" Review and added "Covert Pervert" definition to the Anime Terms List.
01/23/11 - Posted "Kanamemo" Review
01/18/11 - Updated "My Anime List"
01/11/11 - Posted "Strike Witches" Review.
01/09/11 - Posted "Sasameki Koto" Review, updated the Yuri definition on the
Intro. entry, and added links to the anime listed below that have posted reviews.  Just for easier access. <3 
01/07/11 - Posted "Candy☆Boy" Review.
01/01/11 - Posted "Minami ke" Review and Updated the Character Type of "Moe" and added more types in the Anime Terms List.
12/31/10 - Posted "Girl's High" Review
12/30/10 - Posted "Saki" Review

My Anime List
(This list will be updated periodically.  I'll also continue adding anime shows.)

(* In an effort to organize everything, I'm going to use these abbreviations.)

W - If a show has "W" by it, I have watched that anime but haven't written a review yet.
C - I am currently or planning to watch it soon.
(W/C - I've watched the first season and currently plan to watch the following seasons.)
R - This isn't "R" for rating.  Rather if I put this next to a show, it means that I have already written the review, but I haven't put it up on the diary yet.  I have reviews that I've already written in my trusty Microsoft Word, but they still need tweaking and proofing before I want to post them.
PR - Posted Review, a review that's done and posted and raring to go. 

Side-Note about Dropped Shows:
Sometimes I drop shows that I just can't seem to get into after watching the first couple of episodes.  Not often, but it happens.  I'll put "dropped" next to the name if it does.
Edit Update: The posted reviews now have links back to their entry, so no unnecessary searching is required.  Also, just for Funsies - I've bolded the names of my current personal favorites.



W - Aoi-Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers)
W/C - (W-) Aria the Animation, (C-) Aria the Natural and Aria the Origination
W - Azumanga Daioh
PR - Candy☆Boy
R - Cromartie High School
W - Fruits Basket
W - Gakuen Heaven
PR - Girl's High
C - Gokujou Seitokai
W - Gravitation
Hidamari Sketch - Dropped (May pick up again someday.)
C - Hyakko
W - Junjou Romantica I, II
C - Kamichu!
PR - Kanamemo
PR - Koihime†Musou I, (Shin Kohime†Musou) II, and (Shin Koihime†Musou Otome Tairan) III 
W - K-On! I, (K-On!!) II
W - Kyou no Go no Ni
R - Lucky Star
W - Maria-Sama Ga Miteru (Marimite) I, II, III, IV
PR - Minami-ke I, (Minami-ke: Okawari) II,  (Minami-ke: Okaeri) III
W - Ninja Nonsense
W - Ouran High School Host Club
W - Pani Poni Dash!
W - Princess Princess
W - Sailor Moon I, II, III, IV, V 
PR - Saki
PR - Sasameki Koto
W - Strawberry Marshmallow
W - Strawberry Panic!
PR - Strike Witches I, II

Mini-section of Hope
(Keeping a Close Watch on...)

A 2nd Season Release of :
-Sasameki Koto

A 3rd Season Release or OVA of:
-Strike Witches


Have questions? Where am I? Whose diary is this? Why are there so many words in Japanese in here?! - Confused by where you are or why you ended up on this website?  Perhaps you've never heard of Anime and feel like this journal is huge ball of firey confusion.  Please read the first entry for an introduction to what this journal is about if you'd like to learn or expand your current knowledge of anime. 

Have a nice day!

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