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26 January 2011 @ 01:02 pm
Behind the Reviews  
This is a "Behind the Reviews" pun on "Behind the Scenes" type of entry.  Maybe there's at least one person who reads this diary... Lol.  However, the purpose of these anime reviews are for my records mainly, so it's not a big deal if there aren't readers.  For anyone who does stumble here and likes them, I thought I'd mention a few important things about myself and the reviews.

1.) I like what I like.  I may post mainstream anime every once in a while, but those aren't the ones that I focus upon.  I watch Shoujo, Slice-of-Life, yuri/yaoi, and comedy anime the most.  I do sometimes watch completely different genres.  However, those are the types that I seek and will be the main source of reviews.  If you aren't a fan of those, you've probably haven't heard of any (maybe one or two) of the anime listed in my Ultimate Anime List.

2.) I have serious OCD when it comes to researching anime before I watch it.  I usually read between two or three reviews of a show before I'll sit down and watch it.  This isn't always the case, but I always have a general idea of what the show is about before watching it.  Because of these obsessive tendencies, I sometimes (pretty much all of the time..) reference other reading materials about a show in my reviews.  I won't claim their opinions as if I've written them though.  I will always say, "I read this..." or "I've seen other people say this..." when discussing my opinions.

3.) Sometimes I do rip off biographical information from other websites such as THEM's anime reviews or Tv, Tropes, and Idioms.  But ONLY the information that discusses the plot of the show to stick in my "Setting" section.  Sometimes I don't, but other times I can't remember exactly what time period the show was set or what the name of the town that it's occuring, so I look those up before writing the reviews.  The information that I may use from other sites is just the basic biographical plot or setting of the show.  I usually only take a couple of sentences, and  sometimes I rewrite them in my own words completely.  There are also times when I remember everything about the show, so I don't need to reference any other material.  Although I have used Tv, Tropes, and Idioms extensively to write my "Anime Terms" entry.  I wanted to make sure that the definitions I listed there are accurate, so I use it as a reference for that purpose.  (Which I never claimed to have come up with those terms anyway, but still.  Lol.)

4.) I've seen a lot more anime than I have listed in my Ultimate Anime List.  Although the list is composed of "Watched" anime, I suppose that's a bit of a mislead.  There are animes that I've watched in the past that I haven't kept track, and therefore, have forgotten.  There have also been several shows that I've watched a little bit but inevitably lost interest for various reasons.  The fact is... I've seen a little bit of a lot. (Not trying to be punny this time.)  So someone might think, "You say you like yuri but you haven't even listed some of the more popular yuri shows like "Kannazuki no Miko", "Simoun", "Revolutionary Girl Utena". 

The truth is that I have seen most of them but stopped watching.  I'm not saying that there was anything wrong with them.  Perhaps, I was in the mood for something light and the show was darker than I felt like watching.  Or I wanted to watch a SOL yuri instead of an action-y Scifi one, so I stopped.  Whatever the case was, I will probably go back and watch those in particular all of the way through at some point.  I'm definitely not fond of the idea of judging a show before seeing all of the episodes.  That's why I don't have them listed in my Ultimate List with the word "dropped" next to them.  In fact, as of right now, I only have one show in that catagory, and I've stated that I'm going to give it a try again possibly.

That's really all I wanted to add for now.  That's just some extra info. about me and my reviews.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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