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Anime for the Soul

Journal of Personal Reviews

15 September 1987
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I already have a real livejournal that actually dates back six years. I'm creating this account strictly for reviewing anime shows that I've seen for personal purposes, not publication.

About Me: I like Anime! Well, I have a lot of other interests as well though. I'm currently a Senior in college and pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Although, I started out being an art major. I have many accounts all over the web ranging from Facebook, Youtube, DeviantArt, and etc. Maybe I'm an internet junkie. Some are pretty old, others are relatively new. If anyone's interested here are some:

In my spare time, I fly fighter planes and save orphans from burning buildings. Lol... No, I'm not really that interesting. I just like to write and draw mostly. Some other shows/movies that I like to watch/favorites that are non-anime related are: Buffy, Xena, Frasier, X-Men Trilogy, Bones, Rizzoli & Isles, Disney movies, Matilda, Spiderman Trilogy, Kate & Allie, Phantom of the Opera, Ellen, Daria, V for Vendetta, Roseanne... just to list some things off the top of my head. I pretty much like a wide range of shows and movies.