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15 March 2011 @ 01:58 am
Non-Review Related / A Story Written by Me  

Unfortunitely, I still haven't had much time for anime reviewing. :-(  I have, however, written a story for one of my classes that I've decided to post.  It's kind of like yuri anime... but with real people and less Japanese influence.  Lol.  Nonetheless, for anyone who follows my blog and wants to read it... here it is.  The paragraph indentations disappeared during the copy and paste process.  I also still have to go over it again to correct any grammatical errors, but it's basically finished.


Taylor walked into a small beige room and quickly closed the door. A dark haired girl standing by the windows swiftly turned her head. “Tay… you scared me,” she murmured. The classroom had long since emptied. The school, itself, was mildly deserted minus a few club members lurking in the halls. Taylor stared intently at Emily as she strolled towards her. The classroom was lit by the remaining sunlight reflected in three large rectangular windows. Emily glanced around nervously and swallowed. “We can’t… someone may see.” The tall red head stretched out her hand until her finger tips touched Emily’s cheek. Subconsciously she licked her lips, never taking her eyes off of Emily’s hazel ones. Emily moved away from Taylor’s fingers until her back pressed against the chilled center of the window.

“I thought we were meeting at my house later,” Emily whispered. Her gaze wandered up Taylor’s figure which was long, athletic, and graceful. Her posture was immensely straight, and she stood confidently with her arms crossing her chest. Her thick red hair remained tucked behind her ears with a few small strands jutting outward. Emily noticed that her eyes appeared darker green than usual as Taylor’s lips curled into a smile. “See something you like?” she replied throatily. Emily felt her face flush and flickered her gaze back to the window.

“If you want me to go so you can finish your paperwork, then I’ll go,” she continued complacently. Meeting eyes once again, Emily caught the smug expression plastered across Taylor’s face. ‘She thinks I’m completely infatuated with her,’ contemplated Emily with slight irritation. Taylor leaned closer to Emily’s strawberry lip gloss covered mouth. “I want you to go before someone walks in here,” blurted the dark haired girl while smashing herself more fully against the window. Taylor froze inches from Emily’s face. Emily felt her heart pound and wondered if Taylor could hear it. Her legs felt unstable and throat reined scratchy. No matter how many times they had been together, she could never stop her body from responding. “If that’s what you want,” Taylor softly replied. And with that, the red head took a step back and headed towards the door. She placed her hand on the golden door knob and stopped.

“You do love me… don’t you?” echoed through out the room. Emily’s breath caught in her throat. The sun had completely disappeared behind the nearest hill and neither girl moved. The dark room filled with silence for several seconds. “How can you… even ask me that?” Emily stated incredulously. The red head rested her forehead against the cool wooden door while keeping her hand on the knob. “I’m sorry. I’m going. You stay and finish your work.” Turning the knob, the door creaked open.

Emily suddenly appeared near the door, slamming it shut. Taylor jumped at the unexpected maneuver. “Don’t leave,” she implored and grabbed the red head’s shoulders. Taylor blinked, “What are you…” Emily stood on her tip toes and hurriedly pressed their lips together. A moan escaped from the red head’s body as Emily worked her hands under Taylor’s plaid Gucci sweater. Emily leaned her leg into Taylor’s inner thigh. After a few moments, they separated lips.

“Everyday I wake up. I go to class. I do boring Student Council work. And every minute all I can think about is how much I love you,” murmured the short brunette near Taylor’s right ear. Her face had turned a bright red that reached the tip of her ears. She remained smashed against Taylor’s chest and front. Taylor’s face had slightly flushed as well at the sudden declaration. She cleared her throat and wiped away a small line of strawberry gloss under her bottom lip. “So… you’re completely infatuated with me, huh?” smirked Taylor. Emily stared blankly in front of her. She abruptly removed her hand from Taylor’s breast and glared sharply into green eyes. “Ugh! Get out of here. I have work to do!” she roared leaping back to the center of the room. Taylor grinned, “What did I say?” Stomping back towards the windows, Emily reached into her nearby book bag and yanked out a thick binder. “You’re so full of yourself sometimes.”

In one swift movement, Taylor pulled Emily’s back against her own body. Emily gasped while dropping her binder to the floor. The red head leaned forward while placing her lips against the back of Emily’s neck. She slid her hand down Emily’s body. “Ooohh,” whimpered Emily unable to move. Taylor moved a series of kisses up Emily’s neck until she reached her ear. She nibbled the tip of the brunette’s lobe. “God…” Emily moaned falling forward slightly. Taylor grabbed the front of her waist and moved Emily around until they were facing. She reached upward until her hands cupped the sides of her face. “I love you too,” she replied before planting a small kiss on Emily’s forehead.

Suddenly voices echoed from the other side of the door. Taylor ripped her hands from Emily’s cheeks in panic. In a matter of seconds, she leapt over a nearby desk and slid across the floor until she was crunched underneath the teacher’s larger desk area. Emily, however, stumbled and fell over her binder. She remained sprawled across the middle of the isle and mumbled profanities into the dusky room. “I think I left it in here. I’ll meet you guys downstairs,” called a deep voice as it entered the classroom. Emily looked down and noticed her pants were undone. Giving up on hiding, Emily wildly attempted to re-clasp the top of her khakis and adjust her shirt while lying across the cold tiled floor. “Uh… Emily White, is that you?” asked the voice that had now moved to the center of the classroom. Emily cleared her throat uncomfortably. The brunette slowly stood while brushing off the back of her pants. “Hey James… I must have dozed off for a minute,” she laughed nervously. The tall blonde haired boy reached into a nearby desk. He retrieved a small gray cell phone and exhaled. “Thank God. I looked everywhere for this.” He scrolled through the contents on the phone’s screen.

“I’m sorry… did you say you were sleeping on the floor?” he reiterated quizzically. Emily smoothed down her hair which she assumed looked as though a hurricane had erupted in it. “I stayed up late last night doing paperwork for Student Council,” she responded while staring towards the teacher’s desk in the front of the room. James continued punching buttons on his phone. “That’s… still kind of weird,” he stated without looking up. “Sometimes I think I am kind of weird,” mumbled Emily who was vastly ready for this conversation to end.

However, she was grateful that James was the one who had entered the room and not an unfamiliar face. They had transferred from the same public school to Roosevelt Academy within a similar time frame; she had also known him most of her childhood. She remembered that her mother was close friends with his but couldn‘t recall why he had transferred or when exactly they had stopped spending time together. Even at a young age, James always seemed to fade in and out of her life whenever he met new people.

Emily leaned down and reached for the upside down tilted binder on the floor. Picking it up, she placed it back into her book bag. Paper poured out of the pockets and sprawled across the tiles. “Here,” James grabbed at the paper and handed them to her. “I like your book bag,” he replied as she stuffed the paper inside of the pink and purple striped pocket. “I got it from K-Mart,” she responded involuntarily. “How about we walk home together? Can’t have you falling asleep on a street lamp,” he joked. Emily zipped the bag shut before moving back to her stance. “Thank you, but I’m not done. I have more forms that I need to leave in my Advisor’s drop box.” She paused momentarily and rubbed the place on her back that hit the binder earlier. “Umm… James, could you not tell everyone that I take naps on the school floor?”

James slid his phone down in the back part of his pocket. He clasped his hands and involuntarily popped his knuckles. “Okay. People might lose faith in our Student Council President, if they think she’s a Narcoleptic,” he chuckled. “Seriously though, I do think you’re doing a good job.” She smiled cordially at him and noticed that he had a small patch a hair growing on his chin. ‘Time passes so quickly,’ she contemplated. James noticed Emily’s stare and leaned a few inches closer. “I heard you recalculated the money in the Treasury and were able to get a couple of the girls’ teams new equipment,” he remarked while shoving his hands inside of his front pockets.

Emily nodded. “I went over the budget several times and made some cuts. I’m glad the Administration approved my changes. Their gear was getting old and someone could have gotten hurt.” James stared passed her and out of the window for a few moments before responding.

“Hey remember when you, me, and Tom went ice fishing at Baker’s Creek in the middle of winter?” Emily’s eyes flickered back towards the teacher’s desk, and she subconsciously drummed her fingers against a nearby desk. “Huh? Oh yeah, that was fun.” The tall blonde gawked, “Fun? Tom got frost bite on his little toe! We used to hang out a lot more back then, you know?”

Emily smiled again, “Well, it was his own fault for jumping on ice with cowboy boots and spurs. That was a long time ago.” James gazed deeply into Emily’s face, “Yes well, we used to do everything together. You‘re so busy these days,” he replied in a slightly harsh tone. Emily stared blankly at him. He looked at her in silence for a few moments before turning away and walking towards the door. “Do you ever miss us hanging out?” he added quietly while standing under the door frame. The brunette leaned against the corner of her desk and crossed her arms. She rubbed them with the palms of hands feeling mildly cold in the dim room. “Sometimes people move in different directions and circumstances change. It’s not always intentional or for any one reason. Although… I do think that we should all go ice fishing again someday.” James’ expression lightened. “I’m going to hold you to that. I think your mom really liked it when we spent time together, you know?” he stated without waiting for a reply and casually strolled out of the room. The door closed with a echoing thud. Emily felt startled and slightly agitated by the sudden mentioning of her mother.

Taylor emerged from behind the teacher’s desk area and stretched her arms. She adjusted her Gucci sweater back into place and brushed long strands of red hair out of her eyes. “Have I mentioned how much I don‘t like that guy?” she questioned while watching Emily. Emily reached for a dark purple rain coat that was slung across the back of her chair. “What are you… the Flash? Thanks for leaving me on the floor.” She grumpily shrugged on her jacket. Taylor moved towards Emily’s book bag and grabbed one of the straps. “I didn’t know you were going to fall on your face,” she replied teasingly. With a suddenly serious tone, the red head whispered, “He likes you. He’s always wanted you.” Concerned by Taylor’s voice, Emily looked up into insecure eyes. Taylor looked away and adjusted Emily’s bag on her back while leading them to the door.

‘One minute she’s asking me if I’m infatuated with her, and the next, she’s as insecure as a child,’ contemplated Emily as she opened the door. They stood by the doorway for a few moments and looked into the empty hallway. “If you guys were kissing, he wouldn’t have to hide when people come in,” Taylor continued. Emily led them out of the room and closed the door. Wordlessly, they walked into the faintly lit hallway, down an antique cherry wood staircase, and outside through two large oak doors.

The building’s bricks colored dark brown in the now fully blackened sky. The stars were hidden by several large gray clouds, and the moon was absent. Taylor stole glances at Emily during their leisurely walk. The brunette’s features relaxed immensely once they reached the courtyard. Emily reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a cigarette. Taylor looked at her disapprovingly as she lit it. Crumpled leaves blew across the path leading to the gates, and the entrance area was brightened only by two towering Berlin-Charlottenburg street lamps.

They turned the corner and followed a small stone pathway. Emily exhaled a large puff of smoke and was careful not to blow any towards the red head. Taylor reached over and grasped Emily’s free hand as they continued walking passed two streets. They linked fingers, and Emily tossed the remaining butt on the ground. Cutting between a corner house yard and a broken wooden fence, they took a regular short cut. Eventually, they passed a particularly rustic house that displayed worn roof tiles and crumbling columns. The smaller house next to it was more dilapidated and appeared as though it hadn’t received a fresh coat of paint in years.

The front yard exhibited wild and unkempt grass except for a small cleared area that lead from the red mailbox to the front porch. They stopped walking as Emily focused on the pale red box. Taylor casually let go of her hand. “You forgot… to tell me to remind Alex to mow your yard,” she replied while glancing at the long strands of grass and weeds. “You don’t have to get your gardener to come all the way here just to mow my yard. I cleared a path to the door,” answered Emily feeling suddenly subconscious of her house’s plain appearance. She looked downward and ran her fingers through the back of her hair. “Em, he doesn’t mind. I don’t want you to walk out here one day and have a snake leap on your foot… or my foot for that matter,” the red head remarked playfully. She smiled gently at her. “Only if he has time and is already coming this way, alright?… And thank you.” Emily turned towards the mailbox and opened the lid.

“Good. Now that that’s settled. Onto more important matters,” the red head paused, “Are you going to leave me for James?” Sighing exasperatedly, Emily reached for three white letters neatly placed into the side of the box. Taylor closed the latch as Emily removed her hand and glanced over two bills and a letter without a return address. Emily took Taylor’s hand and led her to the front door. She shoved the envelopes inside of her coat’s inner pocket. Taking out her key, she unlocked the rusted looking padlock. “Would you stop asking me such absurd things and get in here, so I can kiss you?” She shoved Taylor inside of the small house and leaped on top of her. Taylor clumsily dropped Emily’s book bag but managed to kick the door shut before the brunette tore at her clothing.


The next day, Taylor peered out of the window closest to her desk. She glimpsed towards the black analogue clock hanging above the dry erase board before situating back to the window. French would start in ten minutes. She smiled to herself and allowed her thoughts to drift to Emily. It was nice spending the night with her for several reasons. She lived tremendously closer to the school for one. It was also more pleasant being able to walk to school together instead of taking a crowded bus. Although the red head had her own personal driver, she preferred to take the bus whenever possible. ‘It doesn’t seem necessary to flaunt around in a fancy car in front of the world when I can avoid it,’ she concluded. She loved the way that Emily’s house welcomed someone home, and for some reason the living room always smelled like strawberries.

“Taylor are you listening?” asked a short haired girl in a desk near the front. “What? Did you say something, Lee?” Taylor snapped her head forward feeling slightly embarrassed. “She is always staring out of that window,” interrupted another girl to the right. Lee placed a disorderly strand of hair behind her ear. “Being out there is more fun than being in here, Alice,” she retorted. The short haired girl turned back towards Taylor, “I was asking if you saw the new Lacrosse equipment yet. Coach said it was suppose to be here today.”

Taylor looked towards the door and wondered what Emily was thinking about in her math class. “I’m sure she didn’t run to the gym and check the second she got here, Lee,” chuckled the freckled nose girl to the right. Taylor smiled at her and reached for a Dasani water bottle that was safely strapped on the side of her book bag. Alice continued, “I swear… all you guys talk about is sports. Why can’t we discuss something more interesting?” Lee flipped through an old Seventeen magazine on her desk. “Like what?” she mumbled tucking another loose strand behind her ear. Taylor opened the bottle cap and poured the cool water down her throat. Alice glanced through out the room until her eyes landed on a tall blonde haired boy.

“I heard James asked that Emily White girl out yesterday and now they’re dating.” Suddenly choking, Taylor spewed water towards Alice. “Ahh! Gross, Taylor,” Alice wiped at her face as Taylor struggled to stop coughing. “Are you alright?” anxiously replied Lee as she moved towards Taylor. She pulled out some crinkled kleenexes from her back pocket and mopped up the water around Taylor’s desk. “I’m so sorry, Alice!” Taylor croakily replied while reaching to wipe the water from Alice’s face. Alice swatted her hand away. “Stop it. I’m fine, you spaz. I‘ve swallowed water down my windpipe before.”

Alice reached for a brush inside of her brown Burberry purse and immediately began straightening her hair. Taylor dabbed at her mouth with the back of her hand and adjusted herself in the chair. She peeked around the room and noticed everyone staring at her. Her eyes halted on James who tossed her a pleasant half-smile before continuing his conversation. ‘I hate him,’ Taylor decided while returning the smile. She straightened back towards the front of the room. “Who told you that James and Emily were going out?” she asked suddenly calm and composed. Lee walked back to her desk and chucked the wet tissues in a nearby green recycle bin.

“I haven’t heard about them dating. I don‘t think I’ve ever seen them talking before,” Lee drawled while glimpsing through her magazine once again. “Someone got jealous,” sang Alice who was now reapplying tan foundation to her face. Taylor’s eyes widened as felt her heart beat in the palm of her hands. “I’m just telling you guys what one of James’ friends told me. If you really like him, Taylor, ask him out before he goes with that Emily girl. You and James look better together anyway.” Alice snapped her small base container shut and tossed it back into the purse. Taylor sustained an urge to roll her eyes. Alice continued speaking to no one in particular. “I hear she acts like a snob and doesn’t talk to people. Just because she’s Student Council President, doesn’t make her better than everyone. She sounds like some spoiled princess,” Alice concluded while wiping away a small droplet of water that had landed upon her right sapphire studded earring.

Taylor gripped the corner of her desk while clenching and unclenching her jaw. The teacher suddenly appeared in the room, “Bonjour tout le monde,” he called out while moving towards his desk. “Bonjour Mr. Declan,” responded most of the class. Taylor shot death glares towards an oblivious Alice. She struggled with wanting to defend Emily’s honor in the middle of the class but decided against it. ‘She doesn’t know shit about Emily or about anything else.’ Taylor pulled out her cell phone from her front pocket and began texting under her desk. When finished, she hit ‘send’ and glanced back out of the window.

Taylor’s mind wandered to all of the unseen struggles Emily dealt with in the past. Her heart ached at the thought of Emily coping with her mother’s death a year ago alone. She tried to recall where Emily said her father was residing but couldn’t. Emily said her father had left after her mother’s demise and continues to send her small monthly checks. The letters never had return addresses on them. Taylor sighed to herself and allowed her thoughts to drift back to the day when she first saw the brunette a year ago. Emily had transferred mid-junior year right into a couple of her classes.

Taylor had watched her as she entered into the English classroom. Emily definitely had the ‘girl next door’ type of look, but she also managed to appear aloof and remote. She stood demurely at the front of the room dressed in a light green shirt that said Wicked the Musical across it. Her jeans were worn at the knees. She was obviously not aware of Roosevelt’s dress code or maybe she just didn’t care. She was shorter than average and had curvy hips. Her lips looked full, glossy, and evenly pink. Her shiny dark hair was much shorter back then and curved around her face; her hazel eyes reflected a vacant and indifferent stare.

The teacher whispered something to her, and Emily gazed through the room in search of a seat. Taylor noticed that there was an open one next to her. She smiled coyly as Emily walked towards her and slightly nodded towards the empty chair. With an emotionless expression, Emily glided right past her to the back of the room where another empty desk resided. Taylor turned and stared at her as she smoothly slid into the desk. Emily never glanced back. After that moment, she couldn’t stop herself from watching Emily everyday. ‘It wasn’t infatuation. It was pure curiosity,’ she decided.

Taylor noticed that when people spoke to her, she would always respond politely but not fully contribute to the conversation. At lunch, she would sit by herself and do homework or read. She was surprised when she caught word that Emily had joined such a social organization as the Student Council. Towards the end of junior year, she saw Emily around school many times after Lacrosse practice. She always smiled when they crossed paths, but Emily barely acknowledged her presence.

One day in April, a huge rain storm erupted spontaneously after school had ended. Taylor stood near the entrance to the building under a large gray canopy waiting for her ride. She turned and noticed Emily standing across from her. She was digging furiously into her book bag and sighed before stepping out into the rain. “Wait! If you walk home without an umbrella, you’ll get sick,” yelled Taylor over the noisy down pour. Emily looked back, “I’ll be fine.” She continued walking towards the front gate. “Geeze…,” muttered Taylor as she whipped out an extra large yellow polka-dotted umbrella from her bag and sprinted towards the brunette while opening it. She walked next to her and held the umbrella more over Emily than herself. “What are you doing?” she retorted suddenly alarmed. “I’m taking a stroll,” came the nonchalant reply. Emily tossed her a perplexed look but allowed Taylor to continue holding the umbrella over herself.

Emily led them to her house which was normally a ten minute walk away but took fifteen that day. They jogged onto her damp and slightly-warped porch. “Thank you for the umbrella,” she murmured while unlocking the door. Taylor closed it and attempted to kick water out of her shoes. She looked into a small window and noticed that no lights were on inside of the house. Emily opened the front door and looked skeptically towards her.

“My name is Taylor Williams by the way.” She smiled confidently. “Would it be okay if I come inside for a minute? I need to text my ride and tell him not to pick me up in front of the school.” Emily looked around the living room and hurriedly tidied newspapers and shoes sprawled across the floor. “I know who you are. You can come in,” she responded regardless of the fact that the red head was already standing inside. Taylor shut the door and set her umbrella inside of a porcelain Dalmatian stand.

She glanced around the living room and noticed multiple knick knacks placed onto shelves and tables. They ranged from glass ornaments to plastic bobble heads. The yellow ceilings tilted low and the house was small but homey. Taylor’s mind shifted to her own home. Her castle-like monstrosity had 18th century furniture that no one dared sit on. The living room was covered in rare paintings and multi-patterned flower wallpaper that appeared to move. The concept of displaying a bobble head or a ceramic unicorn on a coffee table would send her step mother into hysterics.

“I’m sorry the house is messy. I wasn’t expecting company,” Emily hastily replied while kicking a few cookie crumbs under an old worn leather couch. “It looks fine. You don’t have to do that,” responded Taylor who was reaching for her cell phone in the back pocket of her pants. Emily quickly snatched a small strawberry Glade air freshener from an end table drawer and plugged it into an outlet behind the couch. When Taylor finished her text message, she tugged off her coat. “Damn…” she mumbled while pulling out a small red iPod from inside of the coat pocket. “I forgot this was in here.” Emily walked over and stretched out her hand. “I could dry it off for you,” she replied softly. Taylor glanced at Emily’s hand before offering her the small device with a smile. Emily disappeared momentarily into a kitchen area which lied adjacent to the living room. After a few moments, she appeared under the kitchen’s arch way with a yellow sunflower rag and dabbed at the iPod. “What kind of songs are on here?” she inquired while looking downward. Taylor placed her wet jacket onto a nearby mahogany coat rack before responding. “Many kinds. Lately, I’ve been listening a lot to Billie Holiday.” Emily stopped drying. “You listen to Lady Day?” she questioned flabbergastedly. The red head raised her eyebrow. “I’m sorry… was I suppose to say someone more like Gwen Stefani?” Emily’s face colored as she ambled to Taylor and handed back the device. Taylor grasped it and re-wrapped the earphones back around it. “I… I’m sorry. I wasn‘t trying to insinuate anything. My mother loved Billie Holiday. She… had an old record that we listened to, and she’d talk about her life and stuff,” babbled the nervous brunette before she moved to the leather couch. The red head sauntered towards the other side of the couch and plopped into a fluffy leather cushion. “That’s cool,” she replied casually, “To be honest, I just started getting into music of that era. I don’t know that much about her.” Emily slowly sat down on her side and subconsciously brushed off the leather arm. “She had a hard life. If anything bad could happen, it happened to her,” she remarked quietly.

Taylor adjusted herself until she was sitting straighter and crossed her legs. She glanced over at Emily who was picking invisible lint off the sofa. “You know… I am not looking forward to runnin’ out in the rain again. Would it be okay if I stay until it lightens up? Maybe listen to a little vinyl, if you have it here.” Emily turned her head sharply in surprise. She glanced at the hallway near the kitchen area and cleared her throat. “Oh… Uh… I think I put the record player and vinyls in the hall closet. Are you sure you don’t have things to do?” she questioned uncertainly. “I’m sure,” came a sudden response as Taylor cheerfully hopped off the couch and headed towards the closet.


Emily set the striped book bag down next to her desk. She glanced at the clock and noticed Math would not start for another ten minutes. ‘I should have just skipped and spent the morning with Taylor, but there’s a Council meeting this afternoon,’ she concluded. It would definitely reflect badly for the president to skip. However, joining the Council did have perks. If someone was accepted, their school meal plan would become free. If they were elected president by the members, then all of their tuition would be paid for until graduation. ‘Assuming that they don’t get kicked out or demoted from presidency for various acts of indiscretion,’ she acknowledged while reaching for a piece of gum in her bag. ‘I need a cigarette.’ With that, she unwrapped a piece of Doublemint, tossed it into her mouth, and waited for double the amount of fun. ‘It doesn‘t feel like I‘ve been here for a year,’ she determined while popping a small bubble and looking out the second story window at several leaves blowing in the courtyard.

After transferring to the prestigious Roosevelt Academy, Emily knew that certain sacrifices must be made in order to pay for her time left in school. Her mother had always wanted her to attend, but neither her parents could accommodate their pricey tuition. Emily preferred public school anyway but decided to respect her mother’s wishes after her sudden and unexpected death. Her mother was only suppose to go into the hospital for a one-night routine surgerical procedure. Was her death the doctor’s fault or was it a flaw in the instruments? A large settlement, which Emily decided was hush money, was the only answer that both her and her father received.

Emily’s father placed the half of the money into a bank account in Emily’s name and urged her to use the money for Roosevelt. He became so distraught with grief after her death that Emily half expected to come home and find him in the bath tub or lying on the floor holding pills. ‘That’s how all of the suicides appeared on television anyway,’ she concluded. Someone looked strategically placed while lying near the poison vile or razor blade. The truth was that she simply came home one day and found a note lying on the table that stated he had decided to join a monastery in Tibet or some other place across the world. There was also several apologies mixed in there and an address of a town house near Roosevelt that he rented for the first six months in her name. There was no goodbye or closure. He was gone and so was her mother in one huge swoop.

He had taken most of his personal things but of what he left, she brought to her new home. Thankfully, a neighbor had helped her move the boxes or she would have been lugging items for days. She made sure to pack all of her mother’s knick knacks, various tchotchkes, and glass strawberry table ornaments. Her mother adored anything with strawberries. It was then that she began her new life at the private school in mid-junior year. Once she arrived and discussed finances with the Dean, she decided that she had enough savings to finish the current semester but must become Student Council President to afford her senior year. She stayed after school daily and did every piece of paperwork, the club pushed in front of her to prove her worth as a leader. She found herself staring out of the window at other club members or athletic teams always being the last member of the council to leave. The paperwork was tedious, boring, and her responsibility to the council was a long time consuming process that consisted of organizing everything from dances to treasury finances.

As her time passed at Roosevelt, Emily grew accustomed to Taylor walking her home on days that she had Council meetings and Taylor had Lacrosse practice. The red head always wanted to stay at her town house instead of her own. She recalled visiting Taylor’s house a couple of times but was still vastly intimated by the castle and somewhat expected to find King Arthur’s round table in their parlor and knight armor lining the halls. It was beyond her comprehension why Taylor preferred to stay in her cramped house instead of her own personal mansion. She would have also been lying if she denied feeling slightly jealous of Taylor’s power and prestige.

‘She doesn’t act like someone who has a lot of money though,’ Emily acknowledged while popping another bubble. The brunette recalled Taylor mentioning that she spent most of her childhood in the middle class range until her parents’ separation. After that, she moved into a small apartment with her father, who worked as a Financial Services Representative in a nearby bank. Taylor was in elementary school when he remarried a woman who came from a family with old money, perhaps one that had invested in the stock market or railroads. After the marriage, they immediately transferred Taylor to Roosevelt’s middle school the following year. Emily thought about the last time she visited Taylor’s home and met with her parents. Her father had graying thin strands, a receding hairline, and a strong angular face. When he laughed his whole stomach would shake. He had sunny disposition and unique sense of humor that reminded her of Taylor.

However, Taylor’s step mother intimidated her in the same way in which her mansion-like house did. She was horrified by what the tall and slender blonde woman would think if she ever saw her own home. Of course, Taylor’s opinion was really the only one that mattered. With her bright reddish hair and attractive features, it was impossible to truly ignore her presence in a room. Popular and cocky girls had always graded on Emily’s nerves in the past. She knew she would never be in that category and had no intention of associating herself with those that were. Walking into her first class at Roosevelt was a truly frightening experience.

Unspoken words of money, power, and future leaders of America surrounded many of the students in the classroom like permanent thought bubbles. Somehow, they also appeared more attractive than the students at her old public school. Expensive perfume and cologne floated around the room, and they all looked as though they had been groomed since kindergarten. She felt annoyed with herself for forgetting to buy khakis and nice blouses that were listed under the private school’s dress code. Girls were also allowed to wear khaki skirts as long as they weren’t too short. Emily decided to stick to buying pants after school.

The teacher whispered for her to find an available seat. She noticed one next to a red headed girl near the middle of the room in a dark green Gucci sweater. As she walked down the isle, the red head smiled towards her. Emily noticed that, several people, mainly the boys in the classroom focused their attention on the red head and her reactions to Emily more than on Emily’s behavior, herself. ‘So is she the leader of this herd? No thank you, Madam Popular,” she decided while moving towards a desk in the back of the room and ignoring the first seat. ‘And even if I had the opportunity, I’d never touch a sweater that cost more than my own rent.’

She felt Taylor’s eyes on her for weeks after that. It seemed as though Taylor was always there and smiling at her. The constant attention made her uncomfortable, and she decided it was best not to talk with her. Her focus was on joining the Student Council and becoming president. There was no reason to be overly social if it was unnecessary. Her plan worked just fine until Taylor pushed her way into her life using a big yellow umbrella. Ever since that strange rainy day, they began chatting between classes and after school. Emily never realized how lonely she was until she remembered what it was like to have someone consistently there for her again. People seemed to flock around Taylor, but despite the attention, she continuously gravitated towards Emily if she saw her in the room. Taylor also always made time for both of them to talk even if she was running late for class. The more she saw and talked with the red head, the more she found herself longing for it.

She also felt slightly certain that Taylor liked her as more than a friend, but she noticed that the red head never tried to touch her. There were no casual hugs or friend-like contact, and she was always at least a foot away from her no matter where they were. Emily felt confused by the situation but concluded that she could very well be some kind of narcissist if Taylor really was only interested in friendship. She dared not delve into her own feelings and thoughts on the subject. Uncertainty and change always made things more complicated, and her plan was deviated enough as it was. However, the day in which those tight emotional barriers unexpectedly broke down occurred only one month after they first began talking.

It was an excruciatingly hot May afternoon one week before the end of junior year. Emily sauntered towards the gym and waited for Taylor outside of the entry doors. Unbuttoning the top of her white blouse, she wiped the sweat off of her forehead and fanned at her face. She looked around before reaching into her pocket for a cigarette. “You look hot,” came a deep reply from under a nearby oak tree. Quickly shoving it back into her pocket, she glanced over and noticed James standing there in tan cargo pants and a lightly striped polo shirt. “I mean… you look like you’re hot,” he chuckled and walked towards her. Stretching out his hand, he offered her half a bottle of Perrier. She grimaced at the weird French water and shook her head, “Thanks, I’m not thirsty. I look hot because it’s a billion degrees.”

He nodded and took a sip before twisting the cap back. He ran his fingers through the front of his blonde hair and pushed it to the side. “Why are you just standing out here?” he asked while leaning against the side of the gym building. “I’m waiting for a friend,” Emily responded looking past him into the window for any indication of Taylor. “You know, ever since I transferred, we hardly see each other,” he murmured sadly towards her. “I know. I’ve been really busy. Sorry,” she replied quickly glancing at her watch. He set the bottle down next to his left foot and walked closer. “It’s okay,” he responded as he moved his hands to her shoulders. “Listen. I just wanted to tell you that I’m really sorry that I didn’t spend more time with after your mom passed away. I’m sure you needed someone to be there for you. And then your dad just took off like an ass. I want you to know that if you ever want to talk or need anything, I’m here. You know?” he smiled and leaned close to her face.

Instinctively, she tilted her body away from him and leaned back slightly. “Thank you, James. I appreciate that,” she smiled politely before noticing Taylor standing in the doorway holding a book bag in one hand a green Gatorade bottle in the other. Taylor smiled, “I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys.” “Well you haven’t interrupted anything yet,” James responded jokingly while letting go of Emily’s shoulders. Emily had never seen Taylor’s face appear so emotionless. “We weren’t… I mean I was just,” Emily began defensively. Taylor walked past them wordlessly and meandered towards the front gate. “Uh… what’s wrong with her?” questioned James. “I have to go. Thanks for the talk, James,” replied Emily already scurrying after Taylor. James watched her go and sighed.

“Hey, I was wonderin’ when you were going to come out. I thought practice ended thirty minutes ago.” Emily hurried until she caught up with Taylor’s long stride. “I took an extra cold shower because it’s so hot today,” she responded expressionlessly while gazing forward. Emily noticed that Taylor’s body moved tensely. Her red hair was tied neatly into a pony tail, and she smelled of kiwi shower gel. Emily pulled out the cigarette once again and stuck it into her mouth. “I’m not with him. I was waiting for you to come outside,” she murmured reaching for a lighter. Taylor stopped walking and turned towards her.

She grabbed the cigarette sticking out of Emily’s mouth with two fingers before responding. “Stop it. We aren’t even off the campus yet. And if want to spend time with that guy, it’s fine.” Taylor shoved the cigarette into her own pocket and continued walking. “I don’t like James!” pleaded Emily in a high pitched voice that surprised even herself. Taylor abruptly stopped moving again. “Why are you being so damn defensive?” she asked in a puzzled tone. The red head tossed her Gatorade bottle into a nearby receptacle and slung her bag onto her back. Emily opened her mouth to speak but realized she wasn’t sure of a reason herself. “I’m not defensive… you just seemed upset,” she decided while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

Taylor straightened her maroon team t-shirt and crossed her arms. “Well I’m not. You can spend time with whoever you want. I’m sorry for seeming upset. I’m just hot and tired from practice. I think I’m going to go to the convenience store over there and buy an ice cream.” Without waiting for a response, Taylor began crossing the street as Emily stood on the paved walkway. Her chest felt heavy as she watched Taylor move away from her. A pang of loneliness smacked into her, and she suddenly felt as though she was no longer in control of her own body. Sprinting across the street, she grabbed Taylor’s arm forcing her to stop before entering the store. “Don’t leave,” Emily whispered. Startled, Taylor turned to face her. Emily’s face reflected so much raw affection that Taylor felt herself shake nervously. She swallowed quickly, “I was going to buy you one too.”

Emily leaped towards her and passionately smashed her lips against Taylor’s. Someone exited the convenience store at that moment and coughed uncomfortably towards them. Taylor turned her head and began to move away from the entrance area when Emily grabbed her face and forced her attention back towards her. The person exiting the store squeezed past them and mumbled to himself. They parted slowly after a few minutes and breathed heavily. Taylor put her hand over her heart and felt sweat soaking through her shirt. “I didn’t know you liked ice cream so much,” she mused attempting to compose herself. She licked her lips and tasted Emily’s strawberry gloss. Emily smirked at Taylor’s flushed skin and grabbed her hand as they entered the store.


“Ms. White, are you paying attention?” called her math instructor. Emily ripped her gaze from the window and felt mildly aware of the other students’ eyes burning into her. She coughed and tried not to swallow her gum. “I’m sorry. What did you say, Mr. Robertson?” she croaked staring at the board in the front of the room. “I asked if you know the answer to this problem,” he gruffly responded while pointing to a equation. She looked around hesitantly. “I know factoring is in involved,” she announced quickly flipping through the textbook on her desk. Several classmates snickered. Mr. Robertson appeared unamused, “Thank you, Ms. White. Considering the chapter we’re reviewing is named ‘Factoring Trinomials’, that’s a pretty safe assumption.” Emily rubbed her forehead as a round of soft laughter rumbled in the room. The instructor pointed at another student raising her hand and nodded at her answer before turning back towards the board.

‘God… ’ she inwardly moaned while slinking down in her chair. ‘I never used to get myself in such awkward situations,’ she ruminated. Emily reached down into her book bag in search of a pencil when a blue light caused her eye to drift towards the bottom. She detected a pink cell phone that Taylor had recently given to her for emergencies was slightly glowing. Keeping her hand inside the bag, she rotated it so that the screen was more visible. There was a small envelope symbol in the corner, and she tried to recall what that meant.

‘A text?’ she pondered while pushing a button that was located under the word ‘view’. She smirked and felt a warm happiness spread through out her body while scanning the message.


Miss me? :-P I just want u to know that I can’t stop thinking about u. Also there might be a rumor going around that u and james r dating. I may have to beat him 2 death with my new Lacrosse shaft if I find out he did it on purpose. Any room in the treasury for an extra one if that happens? C u later by our usual place. <3Taylor

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Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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Thank you very much!
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Re: Loved it
Thank you! I'm sorry for the late reply. I really haven't been using my journal as much lately. I appreciate the nice feedback! I made it for a fiction writing class that I had that required us to write two stories for the semester. I was very self-conscious turning in this story because the entire class reads it and critiques it. It was pretty well received though. A lot of people really enjoyed it, and my professor said that he was impressed. The only critique that many people mentioned not liking is the fact that used "red head", etc. a lot instead of their actual names.
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Re: Loved it
By the way, I posted a new entry with the critiqued version of the story, if you're interested.
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Thank you for the re-read! I'm glad the story wasn't that different after I was requested to make some changes to it by my professor. Really the only differences, if I recall, are that I used more specific adjectives like "gucci sweater" and jacket from K-Mart to give the characters a sense of how financially different they are. I think I also just expanded upon their backgrounds a little, especially Emily's. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who felt it was natural using their hair colors. A lot of people in my class said that it was confusing to them about which character was which without using their names, so I think I edited their names into the story more in the critique. I appreciate the feedback!
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I was planning on writing a sequel, but my upcoming graduation distracted me and kept me pretty busy. You're not being inconvenient at all! I'm sure I'll post it, if I complete another one. I recently have more time, so I'd really like to continue on with my reviews for sure.